RE: Scary: BB Source Code Names in Compiled EXE's

From: Danforth, Douglas <"Danforth,>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 09:24:02 -0400


Ouch! Yes that does diminish one's desire
to produce 'BlackBox' executables for
commercial distribution. Sounds like an
oversight to me.

I also am in the process of constructing .exe files
for distribution. I have argued to others that
the strength of BlackBox resides in the degree
of information hiding afforded:

o creator: source, interface, code
o developer: interface, code
o user: code

where each stage hides more information.
If .exe exposes the interface then
I can no longer make these arguments
to potential customers.


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]From: Greg Edwards [mailto:gedwards{([at]})nowhere.xy]Sent: Friday, April 27, 2001 11:12 PM
]To: blackbox{([at]})nowhere.xy]Subject: Scary: BB Source Code Names in Compiled EXE's
]Has anyone else noticed that when you look inside an 
]executable compiled in
]BB (by changing the program.exe name to program.txt) that you 
]can read all
]of your function and module names? As someone who is producing 
]to sell into a competitive world that is scary since it makes 
]it just that
]much easier for someone to reproduce what you did.
]In C++ (or VC++) when you compile with Debug option on, you 
]can read all the
]function names, but when you compile for production you can't see them.
]Can BB somehow have a "production" compile that changes all 
]the names into
]numeric references or some other means so that our production 
]level .exe's
]don't have the function names in them (this would also make the .exe's
]smaller since all the text wouldn't need to be in there)?
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