Numierics in Oberon (was: Re: Old thread: C to Oberon)

From: [at]} <Bernhard>
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 09:48:16 +0100

Hi Frank,

Frank Hrebabetzky wrote:
> jmdrake wrote:
> >
> > Question, are you more interested in the C to Oberon translator or in
> > numerical routines?
> Do you know any source of numerical routines in Oberon?


1. I have a working implementation of a straight forward port of
Berent's Praxis to Component Pascal. It does not use any advanced
features and wastes the zero'th element of vectors, but it works
ok. (References follow in seperate mail).

2. If you have a valid version of the Numerical Recipes CD (I have
absolutely no idea how you could proof it to me, except that you
could mail me some contents of it :-), I might be able to send you
a straight forward port of the whole stuff. There has been a closed
project at statlab, which died soon after start. (Bill Press and
his interpretation of copyright is very difficult, try a search for
Modula-3 and Numerical Recipes).

3. I'm considering to create interfaces for the GSL, but I would never
ever think of an independant reimplementation. I think it would be
better to write a ELF or DLL loader for Native ETH-Oberon than to
port sources.

regards & happy oberoning in this new year to both of you
if you want to reach me personally use: BdT{([at]})nowhere.xy
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