Where are the programs and libraries?

From: Zinn, Helmut <"Zinn,>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:10:42 +0100

Dear friends of BlackBox

Everybody is crying there isn't enough application software available for
BlackBox. It isn't the task of Oberon Microsystems to provide them all. We
are all software developers. Why don't we write them and share our result?
Look at Linux. It works. Can't we do it in the same way?

I have been at Software Developers Meeting. A lot of people are working with
BlackBox. A lot of libraries and examples exist. Everybody reinvents the
wheel. Why is it so difficult to share the experience?

Some opinions:
- To sell software is not our business - I even won't to buy it.
- The result is company confidence. - The libraries too? Where are the
- I would like to sell the result - I don't need this application. But the
source could be use for other applications.

There was a discussion about a user group calling BUG. Where is it?

I start a homepage (Component Pascal Collection) for sharing modules,
programs, big and small examples. Except one guy nobody else would like to

Maybe we can build teams and do it together (like Linux). I have several
projects which are stuck (not finished) and a lot of wishes.


Helmut Zinn

Dear Tai.
I don't translate by Babel fish.

Babel fish Übersetungen für Fortgeschrittene
Babel fish translations for runaways
Advanced Babel fish translations

Ei gute wie?
Egg good how?
How are you?

Es ist die höchste Eisenbahn
It's the highest railway
Hurry up

Ich bin auf dem Holzweg
I'm on the wood way
I have done a mistake.

So long ..

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