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Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 17:08:20 +0100

> I have a simulation model with many timeseries. After running the model
> with its parameter, the main timeseries is shown. That works fine.
> Sometimes the user is interrested to display an other timeseries of the
> model. The idea behind my concept is: The user can select a view of a
> timeseries. This means he select a model. After that he can get a menu to
> choose which other timeseries of the selected model he like to see
> additionaly. However, I like to display different views of one model in
> different windows.
ok, that is possible. If you create a new view and assign a given model
to it, then you have to assign the view with the domain of the model.
This can be done by calling Stores.InitDomain(v, m.domain).

> Is the domain of view 1, view 2 and the model the same? If yes, how I have
> to implement that?
Yes, if view1 and view2 both refer to the same model, they all have to be
in the same domain.

I send you a simple module as attachment. This module implements
two different views which both refer to the same model. You can select
View1 as a singleton and then open a second instance. This view
is opened as subwindow as it belongs to the same domain as the
window which contains the singleton view.

Hope this helps,

- D. Gruntz, Oberon microsystems AG, Switzerland

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