Re: [BLACKBOX] Control for SETs

From: [at]} <Robert>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 21:54:54 +0100

On 29/05/2012 18:37, Bob Walkden wrote:
>> I had a look at the MS style guide
>> (<>), a 900
>> page extravaganza, but failed to recognise anything I wanted to copy.
>> #
> it's at the bottom of page 34.
> B
>> I then tried Gerhard Marent's Control - just what I wanted for my
>> current application - thanks.

Ok - Its a Control whose description includes the word SET. But it is so far
away from what I wanted that I didn't recognise it (in a VERY fast skip of a 900
page document) as relevant.

The attached picture compares Gerhard's Control with an array of CheckBoxes. His
Control gives a good visual indication of which bits are set in a form
that has a pretty good resonance with my application.

I have found a (minor) bug which I can't quite track down.

Suppose, with reference to the attached picture, I have TWO sets of CheckBoxes,
and 2 Set Controls, all linked to the same SET, and no Guards or Notifiers.

When I toggle some bit with a CheckBox all 4 Controls automatically update.
However, when I toggle a bit with the Set Control only the Set Controls update,
the CheckBoxes do not until some other event causes then to be redrawn.

I thought the problem was with the way Controls.Notify was being used, but am
not sure.

Using Notifiers is an easy workaround, but I am interested to understand the
problem as I suspect that some other Controls I've written may have the same



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