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Hi Doug,
please try and include the module HostFiles into your DevLinker command.
With best regards,


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I have hit a serious problem.
I created a dll but can not load it.
I have done a binary search with commenting out huge chucks of code
and isolating the problem to one BB system call.

        .loc := Files.dir.This(path$);

If that line is not included then the dll loads. If it is included then
the dll fails with error code 998.

Running all of the code but not as a linked dll works just fine.
The linkage is

 DevLinker.LinkDll FaceSmooth.dll :=
TrackingFaceSmoothDll# ~

This is short and sweet since I have eliminated all output
such as Out, or Dialog. It links just fine.

So why would making a call to Files cause the dll to fail to load?
In the body of the dll the BEGIN contains a call to my initialization
code which includes opening and closing a file and hence the
call to Files.dir.This. Again this works when not a dll but fails when is a dll.

I am looking for suggestions here.

Here is what MicroSquish says about 998 error

"The LoadLibrary() API may sometimes encounter an access violation while attempting to map a specified module into the address space of the calling process. In this event, LoadLibrary() returns a value of NULL and GetLastError() returns an error code of 998 (ERROR_NOACCESS)."

-Doug Danforth

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