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From: [at]} <Bob>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 19:59:37 -0000

> Hi all,
> does anybody have experience in development of software for
> reactive systems ?
> I'm looking for a concept how to implement hierarchical
> finite state machines like the ones found in statecharts
> developed by D. Harel.
> Thanks in advance for any hints, advice, ideas ...

There are probably more ways to implement them than there are programmers...
However, I have 2 books which discuss them in enough detail to be able to

1. Horrocks: Constructing the user interface with statecharts.

I don't agree with the details of how he does it, but the principles all
work correctly. As the title says, he is geared towards the user interface,
but that is just one example of a reactive system and the ideas themselves
are quite general.

2. Sanden: Software systems construction with examples in Ada.

This is very good on implementing FSMs as well as on the theory. It covers
much more than just statecharts and is very good on the M A Jackson's design
methods as applied to reactive and real-time systems.

A few months ago there was a thread on this list about long-running
processes. As part of the thread I sent an example which implements a simple
statechart. I have attached the email. If you don't receive it and would
like to - for example, if it is removed by the list server - please let me
know and I will send it privately.

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