From: F. Necati Ecevit <"F.>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 12:10:43 +0000

In the attached file, SDL wrappers mainly tested with BB1.5.


dll files used which can be dowloaded from sdl web site.

I hope it you can do better than me.


- Necati.

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Konu: Re: [BLACKBOX] YNT: [BLACKBOX] SDL for Oberon announce

Dear Necati,

Yes, please send me this work to continue, public and centralization
results for all Oberon-interested people. I'll notice your authorship,
and I can add you to developers of "SDL for Oberon" on SourceForge
website, of course, if You want.

Thank you.

F. Necati Ecevit wrote:

> I had started the same project about five years ago, translated most of SDL_XX headers.
> Nowadays, I do not have time. It is in working sate with a few demos written.
> SDL_image, SDL_Gfx, SDL_net, SDL_ttf headers are also translated.
> But, all translated wrapper functions are not tested and debugged.
> I had in my mind to send Zinnamturm's site, but the modules needs cleanup, and have no time.
> If you are interested and would you like take over and extend I can send the modules to make it public.
> Best regards,
> - Necati.

Respectfully yours,
Oleg N. Cher, Vedanta software

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