[BLACKBOX] Error in Case Label ?

From: [at]} <Werner>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2010 16:26:41 +0100

Dear all,

In the following programm extract the range 1FB8H..1FB9H is defined twice. Compiling this in CP there will be no error message!
In ETH Oberon the error message is: case label defined more than once.

MODULE UnicodeCase_MappingExtPart;

    CASE ch OF
    | 41H..5AH, 0C0H..0D6H, 0D8H..0DEH: ch := ch + 20H
    (* Greek Extended *)
    | 1F08H..1F0FH, 1F18H..1F1DH,
       1F28H..1F2FH, 1F38H..1F3FH,
       1F59H, 1F5BH, 1F5DH, 1F5FH,
       1F68H..1F6FH, 1F88H..1F8FH, ,
       1F98H..1F9FH, 1FA8H..1FAFH,
       1FB8H..1FB9H: ch := ch - 8H

    RETURN ch
  END Lower;

END UnicodeCase_MappingExtPart.

Kind regards

Werner Bossert

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