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> I'm using it under XP with manifest and it looks like an XP toolbar.
> No problem here.

Hi Alexander,

Yes - you are right. I must have lost the toolbar before I started using
an XP manifest. I've reinstalled the toolbar and it looks much better
now. The only remaining minor issue is that the pushbutton icons
supplied with the toolbar are only 8-bit colour. Fortunately it only
requires change two source code statements to modify the toolbar to use
24-bit colour icons. See attached resulting screenshot.

If anybody is interested in trying this a good set of free 24-bit colour
icons (the Common Toolbar Set: Small Edition) can be downloaded from:


These include some of the icons used on the toolbar (all except for
compile and help) and a few more.

The two source code changes to ToolbarStd.Mod are:

1. Change the statement that creates the image list to:

 lista := WinCtl.ImageList_Create(16, 16, (WinCtl.ILC_COLOR24 +
WinCtl.ILC_MASK), 10, 15);

2. When adding the bitmap to the imagelist, the value of the colour mask
should be Fuschia (Red=255, Blue=0, Green=255):

 index := WinCtl.ImageList_AddMasked(lista, bmp, Ports.RGBColor(255, 0,

Chris Burrows

CFB Software

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