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I agree with you.
I think Marco will need to discuss its contribution closer with Oberon
to avoid having multiple paths.

I imagine we are an small community and
having too many paths might not be the best idea.

Integrating efforts will create an stronger group.
If really nothing can be done to be together, then, c'est la vie.

I really hope that BB 1.6 is out soon, and then Marco might be able
to create a BB 1.7 (or BB 2.0 or BB 3.1416) on the top of BB 1.6,
and everybody then will really have a unique an solid set of releases.





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  I want to support your point. I am using BlackBox for my
mission-critical data acquisition. The great feature
of BlackBox is its maturity and stability. In many instances
I have seen strange features in my data. I can be absolutely
certain that the problem must be in my experimental apparatus
and not in BlackBox software. It is essential for me that
I can trust the data acquisition software, rather than suspect
that something is flaky there.

I consider myself lucky that Oberon Microsystems
released this great package and are still supporting it.

Concerning Marco's release, I think it is a great effort
and certainly worth applause, but it would be good if it was
closely coordinated with Oberon Microsystems.

Thank you,

PS: I am about your age. I consider myself 50-year young.
My skiing is still improving. I hope it will keep
improving for at least the next 20 years. I plan to turn
to middle age on my 70th birthday.

On Fri, 1 Jun 2007, Walter D Gallegos wrote:

> Hi Marco,
> First of all, I'm an old ( 51 ) electronic engineer, that means, many times we have a different point of view or our "brain" work different from software word; also I'm not a native English specking people, my apologies by that.
> We use BB since many years because BB is strong and stable; We switch from Oberon/F to BB1.x...to BB1.5 used to write our tools today running into a slow and stable lane.
> Into this scenery I'm very "confuse" with this release, this is a spin-off BlackBox personal release and incompatible with BB1.x released by OMS, is this correct ?
> In this case; is "BlackBox 2.0" a "happy" name ?
> Walter

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