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        Subject: Campaign for Project Oberon
        Dear All
        I just learnt that Wirth's and my book "Project Oberon" has been
included in ACM's collection of "classical" CS books. We have now been
given the opportunity of "campaigning" for this book, see below.
        So in case you know the book or know someone who knows the book
etc. I would very much appreciate letting them know the opportunity of
writing a (nice :-) comment on it. But it's rather urgent. Commenting
will be closed on Jan 13.
        In any case, you might take the opportunity and download it in
pdf from the Oberon home page http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/books.html
        With my best thanks in advance and with my best wishes for 2006,
        --Jurg Gutknecht
        Dear J. Gutknecht,
        Thank you for your suggestions of candidates for our classic
computer science books list. We've been overwhelmed by the response and
strong opinions! We have decided to rename this program "ACM Members'
Favorite Books" since it's a better match to our process.
        Now I'd like to give you the opportunity to "campaign" for your
favorite book(s). We have set up a wiki for each book where you can view
the comments submitted thus far and add your own. Specifically, we'd
like to know what your experience of the book was, how it changed your
life, what insights it contributed to your work. Using the wikis,
you'll be able to share these details with other ACM members. If you've
not used a wiki before, one of their charms is that a community can work
towards agreement on topics via many contributors and editors.
        The campaign period will begin on January 4, 2006 and end on
January 13, 2006, after which I will be sending out another email
inviting you to vote. You'll be able to vote for one book, 20 books, or
any number in between.
        Again, the goal of this project is to identify ACM's 20 favorite
computer science books and to make the full text of each title available
online to members.
        Besides having an advocate, the book must be out of print to
qualify. (Please know a book is still in print if its fourth edition is
selling despite the first edition being no longer available. About 25%
of the 600 nominations are still in print, so if you don't see your
favorite, take a look at the In Print list before sending a complaint.)
        Please take this opportunity to enrich your fellow ACM members'
knowledge of the great computer science books, by going to the CS Books
Web site: http://pd.acm.org/books/classics/camp.cfm
<http://pd.acm.org/books/classics/camp.cfm> and share your experiences.
        Thank you!
        Dave Patterson, ACM President

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