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MM> Recently we (finally!) upgraded our computers from
MM> Windows 2000 to Windows XP. Since that upgrade,
MM> I've noticed that the windows/dialog boxes/views
MM> in Blackbox don't update properly when they are
MM> obscured by another application and then are later
MM> brought to the front. That is, there are random
MM> black or white lines or rectangles on these things,
MM> and in order to properly restore them, I need to do a
MM> minimize/un-minimize.
MM> Has anyone else experienced this?

  My system: WinXP sp2, XP themes on, BlackBox 1.5.
  I've got almost the same problem. My problem is easy to reproduce.
  Just open BlackBox with any text window open (StdLog will do). Then
  drag another application's window over BlackBox's text view.
  You'll notice that it leaves traces of visual garbage.
  No traces are left on the BlackBox's main window's grey background,
  Also the following option must be set to ON in windows: Control
  Panel -> System -> ... -> Visual effects -> Show window contents
  while dragging.
  If this option is off, only a rectangle is displayed while a window
  is dragged, and that rectangle does not leave any garbage over
  BlackBox (at least I could not make it). BUT if a program's form can
  only be dragged with contents shown, garbage will be regardless of
  Windows' settings. (Examples of such programs: Winamp, LightAlloy,
  most programs with its own skins.)
  I don't know if this problem will reproduce with visual themes off.

  I suppose the problem is that text view loses some paint-related
  messages, while trying to update only the recently revealed
  part of itself.

  You wrote that BlackBox does not update properly when simply brouhgt
  to front from under other windows. I never had exactly this effect
  (if I got you right).

MM> Is there a workaround?

  I don't know any workaround in BlackBox.
  You may turn off the "Show windows contents..." option in Windows -
  this reduces CPU usage during window drag operations considerably.
  Maybe switching off themes would work too.

  I also had another (maybe related) problem - see attached
  screenshot. This one is rather annoying, but very hard to reproduce.
  I don't know if this list will allow attachments, so here's the
  On a form open with "StdCmds.OpenAuxDialog('Some/Form', 'Name')"
  a command button is sometimes painted OVER a dropped-down combo
  box's list. Both controls are placed on a group. All controls are
  standard BlackBox controls. Besides them only a text label (Caption)
  is present on the form.

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