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Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 00:55:10 +0700

Hello, Wojtek!

>> Isn't it time to start asking why if Component Pascal has all the
>> advantages which everyone agrees about, including me, it has made so
>> little headway either amongst professional programmers or amongst people
>> who do another job but need to program to do it better? Is the BB
>> framework a hindrance or a help in increasing its spread?

WS> I think the framework is both helping at hurting at the same time.
WS> To me, the framework is one of the greatest contributors to my
WS> productivity, because I am accepting it. I also think the same framework
WS> is a hindrance to spreading BB. Read the previous messages where commercial
WS> developers who themselves think BB is great, at the same time are not
WS> recommending it for commercial development. Read their reasoning.
WS> I do not think they are complaining about the language.

WS> Could please someone from the Commercial Aisle comment on this? Which part
WS> is the biggest hindrance: the language, the framework, lack of "goodies",
WS> look-and-feel, or the documentation?

  The language is great. The framework is a source of inspiration and
  well-formed design patterns. The "goodies"? I rarely, if ever, use
  them anywhere. The documentation is quite sufficient (although many
  modules are documented as "only used internally" and not documented
  - Kernel, for instance).

  The issue of background processing being solved (thank you very
  much, Marco Ciot!) the next issue on my list is interface. It's
  mostly the look-and-feel issue.

  I already posted here a picture of a button painted over a
  dropped-down combobox's list. (Attached to this letter as
  "button_combo.png".) Today I made another screenshot (attached as
  "FindRepl.png"). As you can (?) see, three buttons are painted as if
  they have focus and fourth button is painted as "default". So, what
  happens if you press "Enter"? I find this rather misleading.

  Actually the top button is the one I clicked last, so pressing
  "Enter" must activate it (by Windows design standards), but the
  "default" one is activated. Is there a way to override this
  behaviour? I don't even know where to search for the answer.

(IMAGE/PNG attachment: FindRepl.png)

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