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From: Erik Spaans <"Erik>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 22:13:00 +0200

Hello BlackBox,

A newby question. I have created a form with the forms editor. I want to add
a piece of text to the form. This text should be variable, i.e. depending on
when and how the form is started it will display different texts.

I do not want to use a edit or text field as this appears 'embossed'

I tried using a caption without an associated text field and linking it to a
variable in the underlying module, but that did not work. It does not change
the caption text. Adding a guard and setting par.label did not work either.

Alternatively I created a textview. But how to insert this in the form? And
at a specified position? The documentation says that the module does not
know anything about the form. Somehow a textobject should be inserted in the
form (via the forms editor) and linked to a textview variable in the
underlying module. How?

Any help is welcome.


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