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Is it correct that with what you call a "standard document" you actually
refer to a text document? I am asking, because both text documents and form
documents are kinds of documents and hence have lots of properties in
common. In particular, both of them can be opened not only as normal
document, but also as AuxDialog or as ToolDialog. For the latter two you
need to use e.g. StdCmds.OpenAuxDialog or StdCmds.OpenToolDialog

Whether a document (regardless whether text or form) is opened as Tool
Dialog or as Aux Dialog decides which "focus" is being used by commands
embedded in it. In particular, opening a ToolDialog allows you to manipulate
the "target" document, i.e. the one in the top most non-ToolDialog window.

To your particular problem the following could be a good solution (I am not
knowing enough details about your problem to be sure...):

- Create a form and embed a TabView and your button into it.

- Attach to the TabView a notifier using the property dialog. (Note that
notifiers of "TabViews" work differently than those of "Dialog" and have
another signature. Please check the documentation of TabViews for details.)

- Store the dialog as a resource file in the usual way.

- Whenever the dialog is opened (e.g. by a call to StdCmds.OpenToolDialog),
the notifier will be called with the "from" parameter set to
"StdTabViews.noTab". The TabView itself is passed as parameter as well and
the notifier can now manipulate / initialize it according your needs.

The notifier is a feature we introduced after the Dev-Day release based on
the feed back we had received.

Does this help you?

    Wolfgang Weck

Dr. Wolfgang Weck
Oberon microsystems Inc.
Technoparkstrasse 1, CH-8005 Zürich
Tel: (+41 1) 445 17 51, Fax: (+41 1) 445 17 52

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  Dear list,

  I'm trying to construct a dialogue box during run-time and display it on
the screen at an appropriate time. The dialogue box simply contains one
tab-view and one command button, but the tab-view needs to be created at
run-time and then embedded in a form. I can easily manage to embed the
tab-view in a standard document but I'm struggling with the form. Can anyone
give me a few pointers please? The dialogue box is actually a property
editor for views of a certain type. It collects or sets the properties of
the view currently in focus, but if I just embed the contents of the
dialogue in a standard document then that document becomes focus and
everything goes horribly wrong (it's also very important that we have the
look and feel of a proper form anyway).

  Hope this makes sense, many thanks in advance for your help,

  Dave Lunn
  Dept. Epidemiology & Public Health,
  Imperial College School of Medicine,
  Norfolk Place,
  London W2 1PG


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