From: Gerold Boehler <"Gerold>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 19:40:29 +0100


This is not at all a BlackBox related question, but i'm sure, that
someone here knows this.
I would like to run an .exe with the WinApi.ShellExecute call.
Well, i read in some arrays from BlackBox and pass it to
the para parameter of ShellExecute, but it does not work.
I read in the array as char and convert it to shortchar and quit it
with 00X. What is the main difference between the WinApi.PtrSTR and
a string of shortchar?
As i said, i'm new with BB and i don't have a lot of expirience with the
language (especially with pointers), but i am willing to learn :)

Greets Gerold

Btw: Someone asked me about using BlackBox at school. Well, i am
a pupil and i am now just 1/2 year at this school. I think that BlackBox
is a very good language, especially if you start programming, because
in this language is really everything "defined" :) and you must know what
you're doing.


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