Oberon-2 & BlackBox 1.4

From: Treutwein; Bernhard <"Treutwein;>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 08:52:45 +0200

The 1.3.x version of BlackBox has a Compiler for "standard"
Oberon-2 (with different data types/sizes) as a hidden
easter-egg, which can be enabled by the following
menu entries:

"Compile O2" "" "DevCompilerO2.Compile" "TextCmds.FocusGuard"
"Compile O2 and Unload" "" "DevCompilerO2.CompileAndUnload" "TextCmds.FocusGuard"
"Compile O2 Selection" "" "DevCompilerO2.CompileSelection" "TextCmds.SelectionGuard"
"Compile O2 Module List" "" "DevCompilerO2.CompileModuleList" "TextCmds.SelectionGuard"

will that feature be available also in 1.4 ?

If not I have to dump my glue module for interfacing
to legacy sources of the Oberon System (OV4Texts, see
http://www.lrz.de/~bernhard/OV4-StdCoded.txt), which
depends on the O2-Compiler for BlackBox ?

    Bernhard Treutwein
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