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hmm, that sounds interesting. It might make it possible
to use NO's OP2 compiler, which supports operator
overloading & Active Oberon ...

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I have never installed NO. Probably I will do it soon (on a dedicated PC).
Becuaso of that I could not try Oberon-X (is that the name of the language
with operator overloading). I have no idea why they don't port it to ETH-O.
Then you have Lightning-O (which is very close to Active-O) but it's on .NET
only, and there is no version for NO or ETH-O. CP for Oberon would be a cool
idea, but threse is one for BB and one for .NET and JVM. It's really

Anes Saikovic


I've read somewhere that Java is like socialism. All platforms equal -
performance poor. MS concept is capitalism and GNU communism.

If it's so - Oberon is anarchy.

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