Re: Reprint list.

From: Treutwein; Bernhard <"Treutwein;>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 12:18:03 +0200

Hi Erik,

oops, I realized a little bit too late that you are
maintaining a list of people who are interested
in reprints ...

Let me tell you, I am not interested in a copy of
any of the books. I've got my copies of the
augmented trilogy (I mean I've got also a copy
of Programmieren in Oberon - Joseph Templ's
german translation of the english original).

But to complement your engagement I send you
a complete copy of my correspondence with
the editor at ACM and related stuff as attachment.

After my change of affiliation in the beginning of
last year, I tried several time to contact Jono, but
never got any reply ...

    Bernhard Treutwein
    Tel. 049-89-2180-2774 Fax.: 089-2180-9927742

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