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> Is the German practice more "crisp" than that?

oops, it is much more complicated.

The german speaking countries (Austria, Germany &
Switzerland) have a second Dissertation, wich is
called Habilitation, as a prerequisite for becoming
Professor. And even more, if you don't have a
position of a professor, you may call you with
a habilitation only P.D., which stands for
Privat Dozent (something you might translate as
Private Lecturer), The usual abbreviation for
Ph.D. in Germany is Dr. phil. (and there exist
a more diverse variety of doctorates, which

map to the Ph.D., like Dr. ing., Dr. rer. nat.,
Dr. rer. biol. hum., ...).

The M.D. maps to Dr. med.

BTW., is the M.D. in the US an own dissertation
or ist it given to the medicals after finishing their
education without any additional effort ?

PS: You were looking for your own sources of Alfred / DB4.
Sorrily I did not download them when they were
available at ccwf.cc.utextas.edu (as still linked by
Guy Laden) but maybe he has downloaded it. If you
still look for the sources, try to contact him. He seems
to be one of the collecors like me ...

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