Right-click pop-up menus (windows)

From: [at]} <Mary>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 13:43:20 +1000

I think someone may have already asked this question a while ago...but how
do I enable the right mouse click pop-up menus from within one of my views?

For example:

if for the menu for ObxViews4 I replace

MENU "New" ("Obx.Tutorial")
"Beep" "" "Dialog.Beep" ""


MENU "*" ("Obx.Tutorial")
"Beep" "" "Dialog.Beep" ""

and I execute the command, then focus the red rectangle, and then right
click outside the focus the menu "beep" is shown. But how do I enable the
menu within the focus view?
"ObxViews4.Deposit; StdCmds.PasteView" >< set the caret here before
executing the command
MODULE ObxViews4;

        IMPORT Views, Ports, Properties, Controllers;

        TYPE View = POINTER TO RECORD (Views.View) END;

        PROCEDURE (v: View) HandleCtrlMsg (f: Views.Frame;

        VAR msg: Controllers.Message; VAR focus: Views.View);
                WITH msg: Controllers.PollOpsMsg DO
                        msg.valid := {Controllers.paste};
msg.selectable := TRUE;
                        msg.type := "Obx.Tutorial"

                ELSE (* ignore other messages *)
        END HandleCtrlMsg;
END ObxViews4.

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