2 questions

From: [at]} <Kurt>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 17:23:18 +0200

 I'm trying to solve to problems here:

1) Can the button names (default: OK, Cancel, Yes, No) of the Dialog.GetOK
Dialog box be changed? I would like to map them to a "STRINGS" file. Is this
possible? Also, I didn't find any explanation on the p0, p1, p2 parameters
that can be passed to this procedure? A short explanation would be helpful.

2) SQL programming (Oracle 8): I tried to use a table-names in a SQL-query
where the table-name would be a parameter (e.g: "SELECT * FROM
:Modulename.recName.varName") where "varName* is a global, exported field
(string) from the global and exported record in the module "Modulename".
That didn't seem to work, we tried many ways (creating new types etc..). The
result from the query is always 6 (Query not executable). Is this a
limitation of BlackBox or is there a way? Any help will be greatly
BB1.4 on Windows Me and W2000.


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