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Date: Tue Oct 5 09:23:57 1999

Hi Pieter,

I intended to send that message to the newsgroup, but since
I sent it to you directly, feel free to shorten it appropiately
and put it up in the news or the bibliography.

It might be worth to motivate more people to write to ACM
so they know that there is still interest in "The Oberon Series".

I guess that AW/AWL/Pearson were the driving force for
dropping the series.

BTW: I've got a scanned version of chapter "Texts",
which I'm allowed to redistribute as documentation for
a "glue" module in Component Pascal. Since OV4Texts is
still buggy and my current time is quite limited, I did
not (yet) put it up on the net. I wrote Jono Hardjowirogo
(the responsible editor at ACM) about the existence of a
scanned chapter & that the "small but quite" active
newsgroup might be of help and he promised to keep that
in mind.


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