RE: The Oberon Series

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Date: Fri Sep 24 10:32:31 1999

Dear Jono Hardjowirogo,

thanks for your kind reply included below.

Do I understand you correctly that ACM's digital library will be
enhanced by books (currently I find only journals, citations and
proceedings). Will these be available only to ACM members or
also to everyone interested ?

thanks again

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> From jono{([at]})nowhere.xy
> Unfortunately, all the Oberon series of books were put out of print
> because they no longer sells. So, it was done for economic reason more
> than anything else. Interests in the Oberon project are no longer as
> strong as they were once, so, we felt that it was time to retire the
> books from the active list.
> I do agree with you assessment that the project was of a monumental
> importance to computer science. For this reason, I am looking to have
> those books scanned and made available in their entireties on the ACM
> website. This way, future programmers who are looking for materials on
> Oberon can simply take a look or download the materials in which they
> are interested. I am not sure when we can have this affected as it does
> involve some logistical issues from our side.
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