New OuS business model (wasRe: porting BB-application to Oberon V3/V4 ?)

From: Douglas G. Danforth <"Douglas>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 11:04:17 -0700

Folks and Oberon Microsystems (OuS),

We (all of us) have a problem.
If we develop in Component Pascal and
use any of the modules in BB we are
restricted to non-unix systems. We are
also incompatible with the rest of the
Oberon community.

I suggest the following business model extension

to OuS. I do this publically since it is
a public cooperative process that I suggest.

Rather than look to OuS for the solution to
this problem I suggest that OuS make use of
the manpower that already exists "out here"
in Oberon land and to do this on a formal,
business way.

The model I suggest is for OuS to offer to pay
people on a module by module basis for
the port of BB to Unix. By offer I mean
precisely the same as with an auction.
OuS offers A (say $100) for module X and
we bid B (say, $90 to get the bid, or say $150
if we think more work is necessary than just

OuS takes the "best bid" and contracts out the
module. OuS then acts as cleanup and coordinator
of returned modules. I would suggest that more
than one person work on a given module (with money
split) so that robustness of the system can be
maintained and the best solution chosen.

OuS has said that about $100,000 would be needed to
port BB to a Unix system simply because that is
what it would take to hire another programmer.
I believe the proposed incremental module based
contracting can accomplish the same task for
far less ($10,000?).

This business model is radical. I will be implementing
a general problem solving organization within the next
one to two years based on it. I start here in
Oberon land to get critical feedback.

We need BB on more platforms. How do we get there?


Reinhard Dietrich wrote:

> Dear Nurts,
> I have written a framework for computer simulation for plant pathology
> issues in Oberon/F resp. Blackbox. Now, I have to port the plant-pathology
> models to other platforms eg. Solaris. There exits the
> ETH-Oberon-implementation, but not a BlackBox-implementation.
> Unfortunately, there is big gap between Oberon/F and System 3 or 4. Has any
> body written an interface? This interface should allow the use of the
> Oberon/F modules in a V* resp V4 -environment. Or have I to port my basis
> modules to the System 3 / 4?
> Which way do you recommend me? Have somebody any experience with this
> topic? An Unix-version of Oberon/F resp. BlackBox I would prefer.
> Thanks in Advanced
> sincerely
> Reinhard Dietrich
> Dietrich Reinhard
> dipl. Inf. Ing. ETH
> Institut fuer Pflanzenwissenschaften, Gruppe Phytomedizin, LFW B25
> Universitätsstrasse 2, ETH Zentrum, CH - 8092 Zuerich Switzerland
> Phone: +41-1-632-3868
> Fax: +41-1-632-1108
> e-mail: reinhard.dietrich{([at]})nowhere.xy

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