How to access a View in a Form, another twist

From: [at]} <Wojtek>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 14:39:56 -0800

I hoped that was the end, but the story is getting a new twist.

The tool Form worked when it was created via
Controls --> Open As a Tool Dialog, when the original form
in layout mode was still on the screen.

However, when I opened it directly from disk, it does not work.
I mean, when I executed
"StdCmds.OpenToolDialog('Gr/foopanel', 'Test communication (Tool)')"

It opens, but the button does not work. The Aux form opened
that way does not work, either.

In retrospect I realized that the Tool dialog was operating on
the original dialog opened in the layout mode. Since the
two were different camera views of the same form, the effect
looked as if the Tool dialog worked by itself, while in fact
it merely reflected the changes made in some other place.

Thus, when I said BlackBox is as complicated as Unix,
I understated the situation.

I am sending this to the list and sorry for that,
in order to revert the statement that the problem was solved.
It was not.

Now, dear Experts: is really nobody out there who knows
what kind of bloody tricks to play to make a button operate

on a view embedded in the same form?

Can't believe nobody knows.

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