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From: [at]} <Stan>
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 98 17:45:04 PST

I am trying to link an application with the developer version
of BlackBox. Here is what I did:

(1) Duplicated the complete developer folder. Renamed the folder

(2) In the new Pep6v1 folder, duplicated the BlackBox application
program. Renamed the duplicated application Pep6.1.

(3) In System/Rsrc/Menus, eliminated all entries but the link
to the Text menus and "*".

(4) Removed the one line from System/Mod/Config that opens
the Log and recompiled it.

(5) Noted from the documentation of DevLinker.Link that the
examples given were apparently for the Windows version (which I
have successfully used to link my application for a Windows
platform). Should the documentation examples of DevLinker be
changed for the Mac developer version?

(6) Executed the following script:

DevLinker.Link "Pep6.1"
+ Kernel Pep6Dispatch > Kernel

and got a long list on the Log of modules linked, with final
message "Done." The Pep6.1 application is now 1.1 MByte, which
seems reasonable. Note that Pep6Dispatch is the name of my
application module, which imports all the others. They all

appeared on the list of linked modules in the Log.

(7) Removed all the folders from Pep6v1 except the following:

Pep6 (my original project folder including sym files, code
   files, Rsrc folder with Pep6/Rsrc/Menus)

(8) When I try to execute Pep6.1, I get the error message "An
Error occured when loading the ObjectCode Resources. The application
seems to be inconsistent."

(9) I realized that my application distributes the Text subsystem,
and I noticed that TextCmds was not included in the list of linked
modules on the Log so I tried the following script

DevLinker.Link "Pep6.1"
+ Kernel TextCmds Pep6Dispatch > Kernel

but got the same error. Can someone tell me how to debug an
error like this? I know before I deleted the folders from Pep6v1
that the application worked because I executed the BlackBox
application and tested my application as a subsystem with it.

J. Stanley Warford
Professor of Computer Science
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA 90263
Received on Sun Dec 06 1998 - 02:47:31 UTC

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