Mappers, Riders, Externalize / Internalize

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Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 10:18:41 -0700


I have implemented a model and their internalize / externalize methods. That
works fine. Because my model is a simulation model, I like to wright the
model parameters also in a text file/model. My question is: is ist possible
to reuse the externalize/internalie methods for this purpose? Or is a
secondary implementation necessary? As I unterstand the rider/mapper-concept
in a right way it should be possible to use the externalize/internalize
method for this purpose just in using a TextWriter instead the StoresWriter.
But I have problems in the implemation of that because there is no basetype
of the mappers/riders.

Sorry beacuse of my bad english, but I hope my question is clear enough. I
like to known if I have the general concept of rider/mapper/container
unterstood correctly and the implementation of Oberon/F does support my
purpose or not.

Thanks in advanced

Reinhard Dietrich

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